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Drug Store News Showcases Vigilant’s New Products

Vigilant attended the National Association of Chain Drug Stores’ Total Store Expo this past week. It was a great opportunity for retailers and their suppliers to gather, create a new dialogue, and for us to showcase some of our cutting edge products.

During those few days at the show, Vigilant’s booth received enthusiastic buyers and media that expressed support for our connected devices – Rainbow Smart Toothbrush and Bee Diabetes Tracker.

We were thrilled to see the growth and interest in connected devices, specifically stemming from Walgreens, Target, CVS and other large pharmacies.  There is a growing opportunity for consumers to take preventative care into their own hands and pharmacies across the country are eager to empower their buyers to do so. With a big assist from connected devices, Americans are driving a major transformation of the health care system by utilizing data and feedback that allows them to lead healthier lifestyles.

Total Store Expo was a great success for our products and we were excited to be highlighted as one of this year’s “Hot New Products” at Drug Store News.

We hope to see you next year at the NACDS Expo 2015 in Denver. In the meantime, feel free to contact us at to learn more.

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 What’s oral hygiene worth to Americans? A whopping 100 billion US$ dollars a year! What if consumers could start taking preventative care into their own hands?

Leading IoT company VIGILANT based in Switzerland, introduced Rainbow the world’s first smart toothbrush for children at the Bluetooth World Conference in San Jose on April 9, 2014.

Connected via Bluetooth Smart, Rainbow helps children learn the perfect brushing technique recommended by dentists. It combines high-tech and fun in a device that effectively improves brushing and oral hygiene. With its motion and 3D sensors, Rainbow is a manual toothbrush that tracks brush positions and movements inside the mouth while the app is calculating variance and guiding the brusher. The app also incentives children to perform best-in-class brushing techniques through an interactive phone/tablet game that models great toothbrushing behavior. Parents can now comfortably check kids’ brushing habits on their smartphone, but also know how well they are doing it!

VIGILANT designs precision instruments that connect to smartphones to increase quality of life. The goal is to empower users by giving them access to useful information and engage them into making smarter lifestyle decisions.

New technologies are playing a prominent role in the healthcare and environment space. Amazing apps and devices are revolutionizing our interaction with things.  Today, healthcare can benefit the most from devices that support early stage preventative care like Rainbow.

“At Vigilant, we believe highly innovative products like Rainbow can actually change the way people manage their health. Many children (and some adults) simply don’t know how to brush their teeth, creating a 100 billion US$ oral care burden. Our mission is to design and develop devices with smart apps to empower users to make smarter, healthier daily decisions.” said Lara Loveman, VP of US Operations at VIGILANT at the Bluetooth World Conference.

Rainbow is on sale through Amazon and with apps for iOS and Android smartphones

For more information on Rainbow, visit or email

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World’s First Children’s Smart Toothbrush Launches in US Market -
Bluetooth World Conference San José California April 2014.

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Vigilant Speaks at 2014 Bluetooth World Conference

Every year Bluetooth Smart brings together some of the most exciting, up-and-coming companies in the Bluetooth ecosystem to share key developments within the industry and discuss the latest products and devices. As expected, this year the Internet of Things (IoT) was quite the hit, and Vigilant had the opportunity to join some of the leaders in the panel on healthcare IoT.

The panel focused on the role of technology in the healthcare space and the increasingly prominent role it plays with both patients and care givers. Amazing apps and tools are revolutionizing the space, and the conference reaffirmed that healthcare is benefiting the most from devices that support preventative care.

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 ***From left to right: Lara Loveman, VP US Operations, Viglant
Clint McClellan, Strategic Marketing, Qualcomm Life
Chuck Parker, Executive Director, Continua Health Alliance
Daria Biernet, Business Development Manager, 7Layers
Brian Gardner, Executive Director, Kaiser Permanente

While it is true that Americans spend over 100 billion dollars a year in dental care, new IoT technology is providing real, actionable ways to reduce that burden. Vigilant has developed the Rainbow smart toothbrush which helps instill good brushing habits at an early age. Our interactive brush  knows its location inside the mouth and tells the brusher via the app, which teeth still need attention – and the whole process is embedded in game format!

The panel also discussed health care providers that are empowering patients through health management tools, like Kaiser Permanente’s iOS HealthConnect. This tool gives their network — both patients and doctors — better means of accessing their medical information while on the go.

Our overall take? Two key attributes are driving new technology adoption in the healthcare space. First, devices must effortlessly provide information so people can make better health decisions. Second, the technology must seamlessly integrate into the existing working environment of caregivers. These are exciting times for the industry — and we’re thrilled to be a part of it!

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